GM Type Grating Covers Applicable For Well Openings

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Origin: China
Certification: ISO9001 2008 GBT, GBT28001-2011, ISOIEO 17025 2005, CPR EN1090, GOST, JIS, CE

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Delivery Time: 1-6weeks
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 200tonne/day


GM type grating covers applicable for well openings

GM type grating covers are suitable for the well openings or air holes or inspection holes of rain wells, desilting wells, drainage water and sewerage wells at roads and park areas which are serving as municipal service. Normally, the GM type grating covers may be designed to turn-over type, and usually the overturning angle is 110°. The grating covers with hinge pins are not only anti-theft, but also simplify the construction procedures.

In order to increase the anti-impact capabilities, GM type grating covers to be used for well openings usually are made of steel gratings with pitches of 50mm.

GM type grating covers applicable for well openings can be used as covers of crossing ditches. The description of model