Low Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel Serrated Bar Grating

Serrated steel grating, or serrated bar steel grating, is made of mild carbon steel and stainless steel. Such steel grating is produced by welding bearing bars and cross bars with certain distances to form a high strength structure. The serrated surface can supply good skid resistance, hot-dipped galvanized treatment is suitable for harsh environment and the stainless steel material provides it a long life performance. Serrated steel grating is widely applied as stair treads, walkways, trench covers, etc.

A piece of welded serrated steel grating
Hot-dipped galvanized serrated steel grating

Anti-skid and safe. Serrated surface increases the friction and reduces the probability of slipping.
Anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Hot-dipped galvanized treatment is ideal for anti-rust and anti-corrosion.
High strength and loading capacity. The strength and toughness are much better than any other iron products. It can be used for terminals, airport and large-span and heavy loading condition.
Best drainage. It has 83% leakage area and has better drainage property.

serrated steel grating specifications
Durable and long life. Stainless steel material makes the grating durable and long life.